The Boneo Park Equestrian Centre is an exclusive, private facility and in the interests of ensuring the enjoyment and safety of all users the following code of conduct applies. Management at Boneo Park can use discretion at any point in time to determine access to the facilities and are not limited to the code below.

A person must not do any of the following whilst at Boneo Park:


  • use indecent, obscene, insulting or threatening language
  • behave in an offensive or indecent manner
  • cause serious alarm or affront to a person by disorderly or unsafe conduct
  • obstruct a person in the performance of that person’s work or duties
  • Boneo Park management do not tolerate the use, transfer or possession of illegal drugs on the premises. Anyone found using, transferring or in possession of any non-prescribed illegal drug will be ejected and may be handed over to the police.


  • Approved Equestrian Australia safety helmets must be worn at all times when riding

  • The FEI Code of Conduct for the Welfare of the Horse must be abided by at all times 

  • Smooth soled and heeled boots are worn.

  • Riding of unsaddled or unbridled horses is prohibited

  • Arena etiquette is observed eg:

    – Left hand to left hand

    – Walking give right of way

    – Diagonal changes have right of way

    – Uncontrolled horses are removed from the arena


  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times
  • Speed limits must be adhered to at all times
  • Only designated parking areas can be used
  • Horses are not to be tied up to floats or trucks unless using twine and supervised
  • Alcohol must not be consumed by anyone subsequently riding
  • Smoking is prohibited everywhere except the designated smoking area to the rear of the Rider’s Retreat.
  • Children under 14 years must be under strict supervision at all times
  • Horses must be led along laneways not the main drive
  • Cars and vehicles are not allowed on horse laneways
  • Please be aware that all fences are electric.
  • Lights must be turned on before it gets dark
  •  Anyone who does not abide by this code of conduct may be requested to leave the facility. Boneo Park management reserves the right to refuse entry to any individual.

Anyone who does not abide by this code of conduct may be requested to leave the facility. Boneo Park management reserves the right to refuse entry to any individual.


  • All stabling requirements, including bedding, must be booked with entries
  • Stables will be available for occupancy from 14:00 on Monday 3rd December and must be vacated by 11:00 Monday 10th December.

  • If bookings exceed availability, there will be a waiting list and competitors will be advised by email when a stable becomes available. Stables will be allocated in the following order of preference:
    1. Stallions.
    2. Interstate Horses.
    3. Horses competing in multiple championships

  • Stables can be hired at $90 including bedding and cleaning for the first night, then $40 per stable per night.

  • Additional bedding is available on site as part of your stabling fee.

  • Temporary yards of any kind are NOT permitted; however, the permanent yards may be used with prior arrangement with the OC. This does NOT extend to stallions, which must be stabled.

  • Horses must be stabled as allocated. If you have multiple horses, you must make a request to the OC if you plan to swap horses between your allocated stables.

  • Horses with behavioural problems must be declared on the Stable Booking Form so that appropriate stables can be allocated.

  • Under no circumstances are empty stables to be used as tack rooms. Should there be a surplus of stables, the OC may choose to allocate stables for communal tack rooms.

  • It is strictly prohibited to enter a stable, feed or water a horse for which you are not a Person Responsible. If you have concerns about another competitor’s horse or pony, please refer the matter to the OC.

  • Only the shavings provided shall be used at Boneo. The use of any other kind of bedding may incur fines to cover the manual removal of the bedding.

  • Failing to comply with these rules shall result in Elimination from the event, and possible legal action.


  • Horse feed is the responsibility of the Persons Responsible.
  • For feed orders contact Total Animal Supplies ph: (03) 5976 8880 They will deliver to Boneo Park Equestrian Centre. Please check with supplier regarding delivery times.


  • All persons planning to stay onsite must book and pay for a camping site.
  • All camping sites are $35.00 per night and will have access to electricity.
  • Allocated sites must be strictly observed. Please indicate on your entry form the size of camping site you require and ensure that your vehicles do not exceed the allocated area.
  • Local Caravan Rental: Eastern Caravan Hire – 0400 679744, Mornington Caravan Hire – 0437 348 663. U-tow – 0421 486 362


Plenty of excellent local accommodation can be found on the following website:

Some suggestions are:

– Rosebud Country Club Fairways Resort (closest to Boneo Park)
– Nepean Country Club
– RACV Club Cape Schanck
– Peppers Moonah Links



  • Catering will be available 9:00 – 17:00 onsite.

  • Dromana township has multiple restaurants/cafés open until late.


  • The event office will be open from 14:00 Tuesday 10 December.  Times for collection of rider bags will be advised closer to the event.


Looking for Stabling and Camping Allocations?


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Sue Taylor